Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Update vmware server 2.0 from beta 2 to rc1

Just some quick notes on this "upgrade" from beta 2 to rc1 - which is more of a reinstall!

Note: pre-release versions forcefully expire (becomes rather apparent when starting a vmware instance) - but the error message is not that clear - "Failed to start, General error" may appear in the logs as the error but is preceded by a more subtle "version expired, there's a new version out" type message - which is the actual problem.

Basic steps:

Stop/suspend all vm's

Stop services
#service vmware stop

[Recommended - move VMs (for safety/paranoia!), simply mv the whole vmware directory]
[Recommended - good time to check system is up-to-date]

Remove/uninstall existing version (based on 2.0 beta2):
#rpm -e VMware-server-e.x.p-84186.x86_64

install rc1
#rpm -ivh VMware-server-2.0.0-101586.x86_64.rpm
#rpm -Uvh VMware-server-2.0.0-101586.x86_64.rpm

configure as per normal

check running via web management console

service vmware stop

move vmware images back

start services again

Note, VM images have to be reloaded into the VM inventory - apart from that everything is entirely straightforward!

Alternative approach from tarball:

#tar xvfz VMware-server-*.tar.gz


Some relevant links:;jsessionid=77A29EE9DF1ADEBF37027EB347D638F3


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Qrios Webdiensten said...

Any update on updating recent versions (2.0.0 -> 2.0.1), a full reinstall shouldn't be necessary I hope?

Thanks for sharing.

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