Saturday, 12 July 2008

OpenSolaris - upgrade to b93

More notes on OpenSolaris image-update, to b93 (in my case from b91)

See this thread discussing the problem and it's solution.

Performing the standard image-update failed with an error of the form:

> pkg: attempt to mount opensolaris-3 failed.
> pkg: image-update cannot be done on live image

The problem is caused by:

2387 frees nvlist variables before using them

So, time to find a work around. This wasn't as seamless as perhaps it should have been, this is how I did it:

#beadm list

> my active BE was opensolaris-3, which I was booted in


#pfexec pkg refresh

create a temp BE
#pfexec beadm create opensolaris-4

mount it as /mnt
#pfexec mount -F zfs rpool/ROOT/opensolaris-4 /mnt

update it
#pfexec pkg -R /mnt image-update

#pfexec beadm unmount opensolaris-4

#pfexec beadm activate opensolaris-4

reboot into BE opensolaris-4 build 93

Note: b92 was skipped (not released)!

Also, this failed _every time_ when attempting it from desktop terminal (graphical login) - but worked as soon as I did the same thing from an ssh terminal!

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Additional notes:

BE_PRINT_ERR=true can be used to output diagnostic error logs from the be process,


BE_PRINT_ERR=true beadm create test


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