Thursday, 9 July 2009

Notes on Adobe LiveCycle, Flash, Flex and Air

Having recently attended Adobe LiveCycle training at Adobe Uxbridge, here are a few notes and links from it.

Adobe LiveCycle is an integrated Java based SOA and document management server framework. LiveCycle can be hosted on a JEE application server, including JBoss, WebSphere and WebLogic. LiveCycle requires a Database, mySql, Oracle and MS SQL are supported.

LiveCycle is offers best performance on Microsoft/MS SQLServer platforms - currently.

LiveCycle is compatible with Windows, Solaris, AIX and Linux

LiveCycle is designed to integrate with RIA technologies, such as Flash, Flex and Air.

Key LiveCycle features include:

  • Forms builder - a PDF based form generation engine for PDF/HTML and Flash presentation
  • Form Guides - based on PDF but with wizard style Flash presentation
  • Reader/Reader extensions - Acrobat/Reader document management including digital signatures, revocation, permissions etc
  • Process Management
  • Data Services - Web Services, support for RESTful webservices in the next version
  • Output - print/production services

  • Flash is the original rich embedded content for multimedia, video, graphics and sound - flash runs as a plugin in the browser (although stand alone players are available too).
  • Flex builds on Flash and adds a rich component model.
  • Air is Flex technology that can be run in the browser or as desktop applications transparently.

LiveCycle and Flex based technologies can use ActionScript, a form of ECMA (JavaScript), Flex itself uses an XML format called mxml to define applications and component layout.

Key Tools:

  • FlexBuilder - IDE for Flex/Air development
  • LiveCycle Workbench - for LiveCycle development including forms and process management

Main Development WebSite:
Main Download home:
Flex Downloads:

Flex Development center:
LiveCycle Cafe:

LiveDocs (online documentation):
ActionScript 3:
Flex 3 LiveDocs:

Adobe Partners:

FlashDevelop: Getting started


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