Saturday, 6 June 2009

Basic Crib sheet for Mercurial hg

Mercurial (hg) is a distributed version control system, with many similarities to Subversion (svn). Being distributed, means people can work offline and still keep their version history local, merging changes with each other by exporting and importing the repository changes periodically.

Generally speaking mercurial is very simple and easy to use, but here are a few commands for quick reference:

Basic crib for Mecurial HG

Clone a repository from a web URL:

hg clone my-hello

Clone from another local repository:

hg clone existing-repos clone-repos

Make a new repository:

hg init

Add files:

hg add

Committing changes:

hg commit (hg ci)

Pull changes from one repository to another:

hg pull

Note: this doesn't update the working directory, to do this update the working directory:

hg update (hg up)

Exporting and import:

hg export -o filename tip

hg import -o filename

Other common commands:

hg log
hg status (hg st)
hg diff
hg revert
hg (-q) tip

HG Editor, the editor for HG comments is determined in the following order:

HGEDITOR environment variable

editor configuration option in [ui] section (in hgrc or passed with --config ui.editor command-line option).

VISUAL environment variable

EDITOR environment variable

vi, if none of the above is set


Mercurial home:

Mecurial tutorial:

Quick reference and cheat sheets:


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